We Sim It

Green sky
A social issue in light of the housing crisis

A social and moral issue against the background of the absorption of migrant workers / refugees

Turning Point
An ethical issue against the background of studying space in the sciences

The Simulation

The center developed a pedagogical process that includes independent and controlled research work conducted by the students, culminating in virtual reality, real-time simulation and computer simulation. During the simulation game, students experience and cope with different scenarios, when they themselves play characters or represent bodies within a content world of a dilemma chosen for the game, and pre-game research.
In addition to an in-depth study of teaching materials from students' enjoyment and motivation, the pedagogical process also imparts the practice of different thinking processes, improving personal skills and developing leadership skills.
Come and see examples of simulation games made by students on a variety of topics, we are sure you will enjoy.
Please contact us to receive a proposal for a significant game.

Double coil
An issue of genetics and ethics

the sons returned
A social and ethical issue of redeeming captives

"Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”

(Benjamin Franklin)


Subject: Geography
Local Council Zemer

Subject: Alcohol addiction
Rosh HaAyin

Subject: Genetics and Ethics
Ramat Gan

Subject: History of the Jewish people
Hod Hasharon

Subject: Geography
Emek Hefer Regional Council

Topic: Addiction to cell phone use
Emek Hefer Regional Council